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How To Lose Weight

Obesity - can it be cured?

No food can do for all day time. Without water, people can last about three days. Without air ... the answer is obvious. Paradoxically, while few people realize that air is the main ingredient which helps us to process food, even fewer know how to use this information properly. To combat obesity, is crucial to develop a culture of breath.

Oh? Do I breathe correctly, and, more importantly, do I do this regularly while running, playing sports and eating healthy food? In brief, all these questions are important because:

a) Running and jumping, combined with improper breathing will cause harm to your body, especially your heart

b) Any consumption of healthy food in a situation where the body chronically lacks oxygen means poor quality of its processing and indirectly, assimilation. You can get a lack of oxygen just by sitting between four walls, or even when parking your car - all because you breathe incorrectly.

A little more about the poor quality processing
The machine will not start until a spark does not break out the fuel air mixture entering the engine from the carburetor (the main components of this mixture gasoline and air) the latter contains oxygen, which provides combustion in the end.

In a similar way works our organism. You refuel its fuel (food), which is split ("burned"), with oxygen. The less oxygen (hypoxia - Disease of urban residents), the weaker and slower the burning process, the less energy you get, the worse, by the way, the digestion. Now remember that our main task is to stir up metabolism and burn unnecessary fat, which otherwise will not be removed from our body. Feel like oxygen is required now, huh?

Summary of this analogy
Just as clean Augean stables Heracles, each of us needs to clean our body. Only through the air, using the proper breathing, people can actually lose weight. Make a rule out of regularly "airing" your lungs.


Here's what to be aware of - purely mechanical part:

-  Try mouth breathing for a few secs tthen stick to your nose;

- Try protruding abdomen while inhaling, you will thus contribute to filling the bottom of the lungs;

- Try pulling in the stomach on the exhale, you will actively eliminate used air from the organism (carbon dioxide);

- Hold your breath after exhalation, you provide a more complete (deep) breath;

- Hyperventilation (forced, deliberately accelerated respiration) is also contraindicated, as temporarly disturbes the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide from your blood: breath must be simple and deep, do not accelerate unnecessarily (objective external load).

- Regular measurement of weight with height weight chart or BMI calculator.

But why doing all this? In the end, what you earn is finally putting your diaphragm at full capacity. Breath is a combination of movements of the diaphragm, and their movement is very similar with the functioning of a powerful pump. When working properly, the diaphragm activates blood circulates and stabilizes a normal abdominal pressure. That is why some people are calling it the "second heart" of the venous blood flow. And another important thing: normal diaphragm functioning improves intestinal peristalsis and normalizes blood pressure in the venous plexus of the rectum.

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Breathing techniques are often confused with religious practice. In principle, this has as reason the fact that prayers often used breathing exercises.

In metaphysics, breathing exercises are not a mandatory element, but the visualization of breathing process helps to achieve benefits. In my case, it helped a lot. The example that I try give is my own exeperience (not related to combat obesity) with breathing. This happening from my life made me believe in the virtue of a conscious breath.

In a "nice" May day, I realized that I was sick. Generally, when something like a cold is clearly knocking at feet. I immediatly called at work and announced my ill mood (my boss was probably not very happy).

At that time, I had vivid interest in oriental healing techniques and, in particular, respiratory gymnastics. The magazine which I was reading, called "Sports", a gently popularized periodical, was presenting some still fashionable (former URSS) breathing exercises. The main technique was submitted under some catchy name like "The technique of diamond Lama, climb Mount Fuji in the company of a drunken tiger.". One of the techniques was the following: while sitting on your heels with folded hands in front of the stomach and performing rhythmic breathing, puff your belly on inspiration, imagining how it swells a hot golden globe. When you exhale the ball, respectively, is blown away.

What do you think? After sitting so for about five minutes doing this, I got up in the same condition, which usually happens after I take an aspirin: the sweat flowed from my hail (I was engaged, by the way, not in a sweater, and naked to the waist). The mercury in the thermometer stood at 36.6 and clearly and stubbornly refused climb any higher. My throat ... nothing tickled. Wow!

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If you have trouble breathing in a full chest, first watch your posture: sit straight (this is a natural body position), although it's incredibly difficult. Why? MOst probably, because the psychological pressure enslaves quite tangible the back muscles and as a result we obtain a) the curvature of the spine, and b) the recruitment of muscle clamps ("shells"), including the chest cells (thoracic spines). Poeple have to fight this posture in full force, if they wish to attain better tonus and health overall.

Try breathing in a deep well noticeable way. Our society says do not bulge. Including the breasts - they also don't have to be bulging. We are somehow ashamed of this posture, involuntarily we reduce the shoulders and have to breathe by inhaling all leaning forward.

For several reasons, including weight, the most suitable posture that increases the performance of breathing exercises is achieved by lying. In yoga, there's even a very imaginary asana - "corpse pose." By the way, is considered one of the fundamental asanas.

While performing breathing exercises, the room should be at the same time well ventilated with fresh air - don't just super-cool it with your air conditioner. Calm yourself, lie down on the floor and breathe. Detailed instructions on how to do it can be found online, but before using any info, consult with someone real, for example a qualified trainer yoga instructor or expert.


In the case of breathing exercises, most successful technique is of course, yoga. For those who are wary of philosophical and religious components of this practice, I will say at once: you don't have to worry. Take for granted the fact that these exercises are run by human beings for thousands of years, there is nothing superfluous.

But do not rush to break legs in the lotus position or to bend them selves into bow! Especially for those who have forgotten how breathe, in yoga there is a trend called pranayama breathing exercises, particularly complex. That's it! Always remember, start with the basis of breathing exercises.

From the point of view of Vietnamese interpretation of yoga, people's health improving system combines a simplified, but not primitive, breathing technique with simple dynamic exercise. With this set the spine is first worked out, a critical fact when improving with the breath process.

When choosing a modern respiratory systems, make sure you fit in the following criteria:

1. The author of the system, needs to have a strong medical education, not "predicated on" self-taught, and in particular does not herald a new era. The system is not a "revision" or a mix of preexisting trends, mostly eastern - yoga, qigong, taichi (not Gd forbid the eastern and western).
3. The system is fairly distributed and covered in the press (this option can be evaluated without leaving home).
4. The system is not overly monetized (here everyone will answer for himself, but in any case, if the slightest little step on the way to the better health costs a respectable sum, think a little).
5. The system is pragmatic (not directed at the opening of the "third eye", "fifth leg", etc.).

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Pay attention! It is important to take into account the individual features of respiration, changes in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems with various chronic ailments. For such cases, there are special private methods of breathing, in which you are able to receive guidance from experienced professionals available online.

Uhh!? I'm making a slow deep breath and blow and - now, more relaxed, I'm turning away from the laptop screen. I'm going get some ...air.

A series of articles on "obesity" can be read on our site. My recommendation: try to consider the psychological aspect of this difficult struggle. Good luck!


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