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What Is Supposed To Be My Ideal Weight?

Surely this is a question many of us have had, especially if you are in signed to a full weight loss program. If you want to know more on what is the ideal weight according to our height-age relationship, read the following lines. Firstly, you must be very careful with this type of measurement, as this is a rather subjective and doubtful attribute.

Indeed, as our fellow Vitonica has noted in a brief email, there is an optimal weight for one person. There is a healthy weight range, individual for each person, which we must not take for granted. We can at most use this to set/choose a goal that should meet three fundamental requirements:

The person who has chosen a weight should look physically well with this. This is the first and probably the most objective attribute, but can still be mistaken since there are many people who may have a distorted sense of reality: altough they think they are in a physical shape that is right for them, when in sight of the rest, they are actually too thin and below their normal average weight.

Furthermore, the person must be right with the weight he/she chooses, that is, the weight has to be healthy for her, without involving i.e. an attack on muscles, bones or internal organs. It is therefore necessary to take good care when measuring and calculating the weight range, so that the highest possible accuracy and reliability is achieved. One should take into account not only the height and age parameters, but also sex (important), body conformation, the physical activity environment, the eating habits and the proportion of body fat in the body.

Finally, the ideal weight should be one which keeps us going safe. There should be no large variations, people should not be obsessedto hold to that figure more than a month.

The ideal healthy weight range for each person is calculated by applying a normal range obtained from measuring the BMI (Body Mass Index). Within the value we have obtained and considered to be ideal, this weight varies from 19 to 25 for each person, without simultaneously being out of the royalties that BMI is considered normal.

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What Is Supposed To Be My Ideal Weight? - Surely, this is a question many of us have wondered, especially if we are taking part in full weight loss program. Know what is your ideal weight according to height-age relationship. This is a very sensitive type of measurement, even on internet not all sites can be trusted, as many present rather doubtful scales.

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